How Custom My Sneaker works

Custom My Sneaker partners with some of the most talented artists from around the world. We take the risk out of shopping for custom sneakers as we match your requested design with one of our qualified, hand vetted artists and pose as the "middleman" in every transaction.

*Please note, if you are ordering from our pre-made collections already listed on our website, all you have to do is simply checkout and you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the details such as artist in charge and processing time.

Step 1

Visit our Custom Sneaker Request page.

Step 2

If you already have a design in mind, great! Go ahead and click on “Create your dream sneaker”

Step 3

You will be taken to our sneaker “Builder”, powered by our friends at Savvy, where you'll submit your custom request.

Step 4

Within a couple of hours, you will receive an email from us confirming your request along with an estimated quote.

Step 5

Once all your design details are finalized and you agree on the estimated quote, we will then reach out to our partnered artists in order to find you a qualified artist to complete your design and get the final quote.

Step 6

Once we’ve found a qualified artist, we will send you another email introducing you to the artist, as well as the final invoice price in a separate email.

Step 7

Pay the invoice. We conduct all payments through our payment partners over at Stripe. All transactions are fully secured on an SSL browser. 

Step 8

Once the invoice is paid, the first stage of the order processing will begin! You can read more about order processing times here. In this time, we will always stay in touch with any status updates from the artist.

Step 9

The order is complete and we supply you with the final photos and the tracking info!

Step 10

Break out your fresh kicks and turn heads as you walk by!